Armando Librano

Faraone Store

As an e-commerce consultant and app developer for Faraone Store, I had the privilege of collaborating with a successful clothing, sneakers, accessories and bags retailer, specializing in streetwear for men and women. I rebuilt their website from scratch, ensuring an easy and intuitive online shopping experience for their customers. Furthermore, I have developed an app for Android and IOS, offering a personalized and convenient shopping experience that allows customers to access Faraone Store products wherever they are.

I have worked closely with the Faraone Store team to ensure the website and app are always at the cutting edge, constantly implementing new features and improving the user experience.

Thanks to my experience in the e-commerce and app development sector, I helped Faraone Store consolidate their online presence, reaching an increasingly wider audience while maintaining their reputation as a leading brand in the streetwear sector.

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