Armando Librano


As an external consultant and e-commerce and digital marketing specialist, I had the honor of collaborating with CRISTIANZEROTRE, a strong footwear brand for men and women based in Italy, to develop and implement their online sales strategy in the United States United. My experience and skills in the retail and e-commerce sector have led to great success for the brand in the American market.

I worked closely with the CRISTIANZEROTRE team to create an engaging and easy-to-use online shopping experience, through the creation of a high-performance website, product management, content optimization and online advertising management.

In particular, I developed a highly effective digital marketing strategy that allowed the brand to reach a large audience of consumers interested in their sneakers. I used online marketing best practices to increase brand visibility, improve site traffic and increase conversions.

My work has been fundamental to the success of the CRISTIANZEROTRE brand in the United States, where the brand has become known as one of the leading online sneaker retailers.

I was honored to be part of this success story and help the brand reach new levels of growth and success in the US market.